General Questions

When will the Oneirics devices be released?

Oneirics Electronics is expected to release the devices around December of 2016.

Can I Buy Oneirics in Stores?

Not for the moment. Our website is the only way to get Oneirics.

Why is Oneirics better than other similar products?


Other available masks currently don't train you. We have solved this with Oneirics Trainer.

Other available masks currently need to be configured manually and they don't detect sleep phases precisely.

Using Artificial Intelligence, the Oneirics Mask is automatically configured each night.

With four ultrasensitive tracking sensors, the Oneirics Mask will precisely detect your REM phase and you will be able to communicate whilst you are sleeping to notify that you are having a lucid dream.

Designed with Bluetooth’s Low Energy, Oneirics  can be configured from your Android Smartphone and iOS.


Can I buy only The Oneirics Trainer?

Yes of course! We have designed all our devices to work together or itself.

Shipping and delivery

I Live Overseas. Can I Buy Oneirics?

Of course, We ship worldwide.