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  First of all, we want to apologize for all the delays that we are experiencing.

  When we launched this project, we hoped to get the money we needed to accelerate the finishing of the project. However, we were not successful getting enough funds.

  A big number of funded projects experience some delays. Imagine all the issues faced by the projects with money; we have all that problems in addition to the lack of any external funding... We are finishing this project without any economic support and we still seek to keep people updated, especially because we could see their interest. I hope that you understand our special situation.

  We have finished the last prototype and we have solved these issues: 

  • Bluetooth connection problems with Iphone. 
  • Improved Microphone quality. 
  • Improved SD card speed. 
  • Improved power consumption. 

We need more time to finish the tests of the new prototype. And we hope that in two months we will be able to launch the poll to get the first beta testers. 

 Meanwhile if you want to help us, you can do it by sharing our project in your social networks. 

Once again we apologize for all delays and hope to keep you updated regularly.